Dr Samy Kafagy

Samy is our Principal Dentist with more than 14 years of experience. He enjoys every single moment of his career.
He has long experience with saving badly broken teeth and full mouth restoration .

Samy has noteworthy experience in dental implant and oral surgery . Spending majority of his time in his post graduate studies in Australia and Overseas.

He had his basic Implant studies in Cambridge – UK. Recently became an accredited member of Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology.
He is also accredited by The Australian Society Of Implant Dentistry and a Fellow of Oral  surgery – University of Miami USA.

Our patients always leave remarks about how they didn’t feel the injection . Samy has developed a remarkable reputation with painless procedures .He has to wake some of his patient after root canal treatments as they some times take a quick  nap during the treatment.

The white board is Samy’s favorite area to explain possible outcomes and treatment choices . He likes to help his patients understand what is happening and assists them to pick the right treatment that suits their life and needs .

Samy also speaks fluently in Arabic .