Dental implants could be the most comfortable way to replace missing teeth

For those who have experienced tooth loss, dental implants could be the most comfortable and pleasant way to replace your missing valuable teeth.

The Implant Process

The process starts with inserting a root – a  titanium implant into the bone in a minor procedure which could take a shorter time than tooth extraction.

Weeks or months later , the crown or a full set of zirconia made teeth are attached to the integrated implants . In some cases, we could do this immediately.

Generally speaking , implants can restore strength, comfort and look of natural teeth.

The Procedure

A 3D imaging is required before we go ahead with the procedure.  It helps to determine the bone quality and size, which in turn,  helps us to select the proper design of the implant.

The Technology

Dr Kafagy is currently adopting the new technology of 3D guided surgery, where the full implant placement is designed on the computer software  A special milling machine then fabricates a guiding template  through which, a very precise and accurate placement could be achieved. This technique eliminates many of the classic complications of implant dentistry.

For more information and individual assessment you need to have a consultation of about 45 minutes that would help you to compare implants to other restorative options.